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The original Japanese show ran from 1986 to 1989.

On the off chance that a contestant does win, by taking Takeshi's car out, the prize is 1,000,000 Yen which equates to roughly £5,000.

Clive James was a celebrity contestant on the show in 1987, and you can watch his story on Clive James In Japan which is on Sky Travel/Sky Travel Extra about once a week. He didn't make it past the Honeycomb Maze, sadly for him.


"No winners this time on Takeshi's Castle... but maybe next time!"

"Happy clappy Jappy chappies"

"The mud is specially imported from a pig farm in Southern Japan"

"As my old Dad used to say..."

"Don't let them penetrate your ring!"


Favourite games included on this dvd:

  • Bite the Bun - one of the openers. Whilst wearing a restrictive rubber ring (or with their hands tied behind their back), contestants have to grab one of the hanging buns with their teeth to progress. Surprisingly low-tech hilarity.
  • The Gauntlet - players compete in a giant real life Super Mario-style platform computer game and try and get from right to left before the time runs out or the Guards knock them off the platforms by throwing large balls at them.
  • Rice Bowl Downhill - players get into a giant rice bowl. They are pushed downhill into a swimming pool. If they stay in the bowl when they hit the water they're through, if not they're out.
  • Bridgeball - walk across a rickety and unstable bridge whilst being pelted by 'cannonballs'. Balancing is tricky as the contestants must perform this feat whilst carrying a golden ball shot to them by General Lee.
  • Honeycomb Maze - Get from one side of the maze to the other, avoiding the monsters and making sure you go leave through the right door. Failure means running into thin air over a muddy stretch of water.
  • Skipping Stones - the blue riband event really. Make your way from one side of the pond to another using the stones provided. Hilariously, whilst most of the stones are stable, some will sink when you stand on them. The correct way to play this game is with a full run up and going A over T headfirst into another stone when you lose your balance on a sinker.

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