Brendon Chase DVD - 13 Episodes

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Brendon Chase is a children's novel by Denys Watkins-Pitchford, writing as "BB". It was published in 1944, but is set in 1922 (this year being revealed by the fact that a letter to the boys' parents was written on a Friday and dated October the 20th). It was later made into a 13-part TV serial (described as being set in 1925), adapted by James Andrew Hall, produced by Southern Television in association with RM Productions and Primetime Television in 1980, and shown on ITV in the United Kingdom from December 31, 1980 to March 25, 1981 (other than in Wales where HTV Wales transmitted it between April and July 1981, after it had been displaced by Welsh-language programmes before the inception of S4C). The series was also shown in many other European countries, including Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

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