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Making Out  is a British tv series, shown between 1989 and 1991.

The series, written by Debbie Horsfield, mixed comedy and drama in its portrayal of the women who worked on the factory floor at New Lyne Electronics in Manchester, tackling the personal lives of the characters as well as wider issues of recession, redundancy and retrenchment as the factory goes through various crises and take-overs.



The girls

  • Queenie (Margi Clarke), the fiery Scouse ring-leader of the women.
  • Pauline (Rachel Davies), union shop steward for the women.
  • Jill (Melanie Kilburn), new girl at the factory who starts work in the first episode.
  • (Heather Tobias), middle-class woman who is desperate for a baby with her husband.
  • "Klepto" (Moya Brady), young woman (real name Ariadne) bullied by her Greek Orthodox family.

[edit] The factory

  • Rex (Keith Allen), randy boss at the factory who is having an affair with Carol May.
  • Norma (Tracie Bennett), ambitious, efficient company secretary.
  • Bernie (Alan David), supervisor of the women on the shop floor.
  • Simon (Gary Beadle), the only man on the floor, romantically attached to "Klepto".

[edit] The blokes

  • Chunky (Brian Hibbard), Queenie's no-good petty criminal husband.
  • Ray (Tim Dantay), Jill's husband who eventually leaves her and their kids for another woman, a dimwitted hairdresser called Rosie (Jane Hazlegrove).
  • Frankie (John Forgeham), Pauline's husband.
  • Colin (David Hargreaves), Carol May's husband.
  • Gavin (John Lynch), footballer with whom Jill starts a relationship after her husband walks out on her.
  • Gordon (Jonathan Barlow), Donna's bank manager husband.

The music was composed by New Order. Main theme for the show was an adaptation of  Vanishing Point. Theres specific mix of this song called the Making Out Mix.

Picture & audio Quality 8 out 10



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