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Operating from a rundown office in London, Roger, Roger, written by John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses), tells the tales of the struggling mini-cab firm, Cresta Cabs, that are as unreliable as the people who work there. The owners, Sam and Dexter, have built up the company over the years, but lately things have been going steadily downhill. Dexter has suffered a nervous breakdown leaving stressed-out Sam desperately trying to keep his employees in line whilst promoting - in his opinion - the good name of the company. However, the business would have sunk a long time ago if it wasn't for the efforts of Sam's right-hand woman, Reen (Pippa Guard).


Series One

Episode One:- Even Quasimodo Pulled

Episode Two:- I Used to Be a Superb Rugby Player

Episode Three:- Socks with Little Tennis Players on Them

Episode Four:- There Are No Minicabs in Heaven

Episode Five:- Some Get the Magic, Some Get the Tragic

Episode Six:- The Day the Music Died

Series Two

Episode One:- Welcome to Responsibilityville

Episode Two:- Every Victim Wishes He'd Kept His Clothes On

Episode Three:- Sometimes It's Hard to Be a Man

Episode Four:- Ask the 1975 Millwall Defence

Episode Five:- I'm Not a Little Baby and Daddy Hasn't Gone to Japan

Episode Six:-Too Much Wine, Too Many Stars

Episode Seven:- Love Rules the Heart, Money Takes the Soul

Series Three

Episode One:- Play It Again, Sam

Episode Two:- Thank God It Wasn't Boat Race Day

Episode Three:- Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose


Not available on commerical release, we have transfered from VHS to DVD - If your execpting HD quality, please do NOT purchase.   

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