Boys From The Bush DVD - (1984) - Complete Series 1 & 2 Tim Healy ( AKA Boys from Down under DVD )

Boys From The Bush DVD - (1984) - Complete Series 1 & 2 Tim Healy ( AKA Boys from Down under DVD )

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The series dealt with the life of Reg Toomer (Tim Healy), an ex-pat Briton living in Australia and running Melbourne Confidential, a failing private detective agency with his shifty business partner Dennis Tontine (Chris Haywood). His estranged young cousin Leslie (Mark Haddigan) arrives in Melbourne from the United Kingdom after a painful divorce looking for fun and excitement in the new world, instead he finds himself used as a drone for Melbourne Confidential. 

Each episode focused on a particular job undertaken by Melbourne Confidential, each one more elaborate and of more dubious legality than the last. The course of the main plot would often converge with subplots involving Reg's lovelorn wife Doris (Pat Thomson), assertive daughter Arlene (Nadine Garner), Dennis' ex-wife Corrie (Kirsty Child) and kindly madam Delilah (Kris McQuade). 

Series 1 
1.The Stuffed Platypus 
02.Poetic Galah 
03.Going Walkabout 
04.Tall Poppies 
05.Creepy Crawlies 

06.Bucks And Hens 
07.Multi Culture 
09.State And Commonwealth 
10.Advance Australia Fair 

Series 2 
01.High Flyers 
02.Wedding Prezzies 
03.Dancing In The Dar 
04.Our Rellos 
05.Beasts And Beauty 

06.Catching Up With You 
07.Unexpected Turbulence 
08.There'll Always Be An England 
09.If England Means as Much to You 

Tim Healy 
Chris Haywood 
Mark Haddigan 
Nadine Garner 
Pat Thomson 
Kris McQuade 
Kirsty Child 

Format: dvdr 
Encoded :PAL or NTSC  - Region free zero
Sourced: Tv 
Region: Free 
Country: Aus-UK 
Language: English 
Runtime : 20 X 50mins 
Air Date :1991-1992 
Filming Locations: England 

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