Eskimo Day DVD (1996) - (AKA Interview Day DVD) - Maureen Lipman, David Ross, Benedict Sandiford

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TV movie about two families going to Cambridge with their teenage children on their admittance interviews. Of course the parents only make everything worse by constantly fretting and driving their kids to distraction. Meanwhile, one of the college dons has an interview of his own: trying to get his elderly professorial father (Alec Guinness!) into a retirement home. But everything works out fine in the end for everyone. There is a great moment about two-thirds the way through the film where everything goes to slow motion as the parents (particularly a doting mother played by Maureen Lipman at her annoying best) watch their son walk down the portal into the college and realize for the first time, "He's leaving us." A brilliant scene, nicely shot, and familiar to anyone whose children have left the nest. A sequel, Cold Enough For Snow ran in 1997.


Overall quality = 8 out of 10 (VHS QUALITY)


This film was never released on dvd & is currently in the public domain

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