City Lights DVD - 1984 Complete Series 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Including Pilot

City Lights DVD - 1984 Complete Series 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Including Pilot

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City Lights was a Scottish television sitcom made by BBC Scotland and set in Glasgow. It was written by Bob Black. Two stage shows, featuring the original cast, toured Scotland. 

It starred Gerard Kelly as Willie Melvin, a bank-teller at the fictional Strathclyde Savings Bank (whose logo was very similar to the TSB), with dreams of becoming a novelist. Most of the plots revolved around his attempts to get his book, the autobiographical My Childhood Up A Close, published. 

He was held back in this by his own incompetence, the dodgy dealings of his best friend Chancer (Andy Gray), and the lack of support he gained from his mother (Jan Wilson), the bank's manager (Dave Anderson) and his obsequious fellow teller, Brian (Jonathan Watson). Other recurring characters included Chancer's friend Tam (Ian McColl) and Willie's current girlfriend. 

Gerard Kelly 
Andy Gray 
Iain McColl 
Elaine C Smith 
Jonathan Watson 
Jan Wilson 
Louise Beattie 
Elaine Collins 
Ann Bryson 

Episode List 

Series 1 

*Pilot * When one door closes 
Deep Freeze 
Lost Weekend 
A Room With A View ... And You 
True-Life Adventures 

Series 2 

The More Things Change 
Local Hero 
Crimewatch, OK! 
True Love 

Series 3 

The Longest Day 
All In The Mind 
I'm Willie, Fly Me 
The Melvin Diaries 
Catch 23 
The Siege 
It's A Wonderful Life, Too *Xmas Special* 
Series 4 

Thirty Nothing 
Play It Again, Willie 
The Go-Between 
Romantic Friction 
In Sickness And In Health 
The Law Of The Jungle 
The Shape of things to come *Xmas Special* 

Series 5 

The New Leaf 1 
The New Leaf 2 
The Winslow Woman 
Old Friends 
The Front 
Series 6 

Trains & Boats & Planes 
The Mission 
Unhealthy Competition 
Give me a ring sometime 
"Till death do us part" 
The Haunting of Willie Melvin *Xmas Special* 

Encoded:PAL or NTSC 
Runtime: 39 x 30mins 
Air Date: 1984-91 
Filming Locations: Glasgow Scotland 

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