A Mug's Game DVD (1996)

A Mug's Game DVD (1996)

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Four part drama serial that studies the personal lives of folk in a remote Scottish fishing village which is coming to terms with rationalisation, and globalisation of its fishing industry. 

The local fish farm is only just still in business, the company has been bought out by a multi-national organisation who have sent over a new boss, McCaffrey. He begins to sort out the plant and clashes with the manager, Alan. Kathy works at the plant to support her family and her husband is out of work. Their marriage is stormy and McCaffrey, a widower finds himself attracted to her. McCaffrey rescues his nephew, Con from the wrath of the Belfast paramilitaries and gives him a job and a place to stay. However Con isn't grateful and he resolves to seduce Kathy in order to upset his uncle. 

Directed by 
David Blair 

Written by 
Donna Franceschild 

Ken Stott 
Michelle Fairley 
Sean Harris 
Katy Murphy 
June Watson 
Jimmy Yuill 
Ewan Stewart 
Iain Robertson 
Mary McLeod 
James Cunningham 
Karina Lang 
Vicki Masson 
Harry jones 
Jon Morrison 
Matt Costello 
Brian Alexander 
Tommy Flanagan 
Iain Connell 
James Molloy 
Sam Graham 
Ann McTaggart 
Pauline Lynch 
Arlene Cockburn 
Derek Anders 
Kenneth Bryans 
Mary Boyle 
David Tennant 
Harry Glass 
Gavin Mitchell 
Tracy Wiles 
Helen Logan 
Arlene Cockburn 
Jake D'Arcy 
These all-region DVDs are transfered from VHS.   Never commerically released.

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