Relatively Speaking DVD (1989) - Play By Alan Ayckbourn

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It's the sixties. Gregory loves Ginny, and Ginny loves Gregory. But unfortunately Ginny also loves Philip, or at least she used to, and Philip loves her. Does Philip love his wife too? Ginny tells Gregory she's going to see her parents, when she's actually going to see Philip to break things off. Gregory, thinking to surprise her, gets there first, and the chaos begins. The first scene takes place in Ginny's flat upstairs at 41 Redbury Square, London. The remaining scenes take place on the backyard patio of the Carter house at The Willows, Lower Pendham, Box.

Director: Michael A. Simpson
Writer: Alan Ayckbourn
Stars: Michael Maloney, Imogen Stubbs, Nigel Hawthorne

Quality 8 out of 10 

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