Romeo & Juliet DVD - 1994 Juliet Jonathan And Jonathan Firth Shakespeare - Ben Daniels

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A TV schools version of the play by William Shakespeare, filmed in the studio and on location with an impressive cast and some very moody lighting! 

Originally broadcast in five episodes in the `Middle English' series. This DVD features both the original 5-part serial AND ALSO the 80-minute compilation. Both are subtly different edits, each featuring material not found in the other. 

Directed by 
Alan Horrox 

Geraldine Somerville ... Juliet 
Jenny Agutter ... Lady Capulet 
Jonathan Firth ... Romeo 
Nicholas Barnes ... Balthasar 
Ben Daniels ... Mercutio 
Alexis Denisof ... Tybalt 
Freddy Douglas ... Paris 
David Lyon ... Prince Escalus 
Martin Milman ... Montague 
Dearbhla Molloy ... Nurse 
Michael Müller ... Benvolio 
John Nettles ... Capulet 
Kate Riding ... Lady Montague 
John Woodvine ... Friar Lawrence 

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