Passions DVD (1999 - 2008) - TV Series - Complete Series on Hard Drive

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Passions Complete Series on har drive.   Play via your smart tv or computer 

You will receive hard drive with every episode of Passions tv series. 

We provide top quality hard drives to ensure excellent viewing experiance.   

Complete Episodes from 1 to 2231   

Plug and play system ..  plug hard drive into tv via 3.0 USB lead....  press source on remote .. select Passions, select first episode and press play on your remote

This is one of the best products we sell - it's a great production. 

You will receive every episode of the above years on an high grade hard drive.  Connect to smart tv or computer via USB lead to play similar to netflix / sky ...  plug and play...    rewind.. pause .. fast forward all from your smart tv remote 


In the world of power and money, the wealthy and powerful Crane family rule the town of Harmony from their mansion on Raven Hill.

Creator: James E. Reilly
Stars: Lindsay Hartley, McKenzie Westmore, Galen Gering

Very good quality for sound and pictures

Any questions send me an email 

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