Shakespeare's Measure for Measure DVD - Live From The Globe 1994 - Mark Rylance

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Shakespeare's Measure for Measure was given a live broadcast from the reconstructed Globe Theatre, with a cast including Mark Rylance (the Duke), Sophie Thompson (Isabella), Liam Brennan (Angelo), Michael Bertenshaw (Escalus), Alex Hassell (Claudio) and Colin Hurley (Lucio). Screened close to the 400th anniversary of the play's first performance, John Dove's stage production sought to recreate the feel of an authentic Elizabethan stage treatment, which was further enhanced by an optional onscreen context-setting commentary by Shakespeare expert Professor Kiernan Ryan for those with the appropriate digital technology. Those who lacked a red button were offered an accompanying discussion presented by the BBC's then political editor Andrew Marr with contributions from Dove, actress Juliet Stevenson and historian David Starkey. 

Presented by ... Andrew Marr 
guest ... David Starkey 
guest ... Juliet Stevenson 
guest ... John Dove 

Vincentio, The Duke ... Mark Rylance 
Angelo, the deputy ... Liam Brennan 
Escalus ... Michael Bertenshaw 
Lucio ... Colin Hurley 
Friar Peter/Abhorson/2nd gentleman ... Christopher John Hall 
Froth/1st gentleman/Barnardine ... Roger Mckern 
Varrius/Juliet ... Liana Weafer 
Justice/Mistress Overdone ... Peter Shorey 
Pompey ... John Dougall 
Claudio ... Alex Hassell 
Provost ... Patrick Brennan 
Friar Thomas/Elbow ... Roger Watkins 
Isabella ... Sophie Thompson 
Mariana/Francisca ... Hilary Tones 

Keith McGowan 
Emilia Benjamin 
Jon Banks 
Keith Thompson 
Paul Bevan 

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