William Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice DVD - (1996) - BOB PECK

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A TV schools version of the play by William Shakespeare, filmed in the studio and on location in Venice. Originally broadcast in five episodes in the `Middle English' series. This DVD features both the original 5-part serial AND ALSO the 80-minute compilation. Both are subtly different edits, each featuring material not found in the other. 

The movie features Haydn Gwynne as Portia, Bob Peck as Shylock, Paul McGann as Bassanio, and Benjamin Whitrow as Antonio. The costumes are credible according to the time period, and the acting is outstanding. Bob Peck as Shylock and Haydn Gwynne as Portia offer particularly interesting performances. Antonio and Bassanio appear to have deep love for one another in the play; however, their relationship never appears to be anything more than strictly friendship-based because of Bassanio’s passionate performance for Portia. 

Ashley Artus ... Launcelot 
Caroline Catz ... Jessica 
Haydn Gwynne ... Portia 
Victoria Hamilton ... Nerissa 
Scott Handy ... Lorenzo 
Paul McGann ... Bassanio 
Bob Peck ... Shylock 
Benjamin Whitrow ... Antonio 
John Woodvine ... The Duke of Venice

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