Mackenzie DVD - (1980) The Complete Series, Jack Galloway

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Twelve-part drama serial by Andrea Newman structured around the inter-relationships of three families, covering the years from 1955 to 1974 
Robert Mackenzie is an amitious young builder who decides to try his luck in London, with his unwilling wife in tow. Lynda Bellingham was one of the stars of Mackenzie, shown in the Autumn of 1980. The story hinged on the relationship between a father and son, covering a 19-year time span. 

Episode Guide 
01 Preliminary Enquiries 
02 Outline Consent 
03 Full Commission 
04 Marriage Value 
05 Back to Back 
06 Vacant Possession 
07 Sole Agent 
08 Without Prejudice 
09 Subject to Contract 
10 The Appointed Day 
11 Structural Fault 
12 Upon Completion 
Jack Galloway 
Lynda Bellingham 
Sheila Ruskin 
Richard Marner 
Kara Wilson 
Toby Salaman 
Andrew Gray 
Bernard Holley 
Ida Schuster 
Peter Attard 
Helen Cherry 
Chris Connor 
James Copeland 
Paul Mark Elliott 
Joan Fitzpatrick 
Derek Gray 
William Hoyland 
Russell Hunter 
Maggie James 
Charles Kearney 
Anne Kristen 
Debra Langerman 
Alex McCrindle 
Michael McLaughlin 
Ron Paterson 
William Russell 
Ewan Stewart 
Alexander West 
Pauline Winter 
Format: dvdr 
Encoded :PAL or NTSC 
Sourced: Tv 
Region: Free 
Country: UK 
Language: English 
Runtime : 680mins Roughly 
Air Date : 1980 
Filming Locations: Scotland England 
Supplied Full Case Artwork Incl

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