Liza Minnelli Australian TV Special DVD (1969) Liza

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Australian TV Special 1969 

Liza Minnelli sings: 
(The Tragedy Of) Butterfly McHeart 
My Mammy 
All I Need Is The Boy 
Where Did You Learn to Dance? 
I'd Like To Get To Know You 
Australian Medley - A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A; Click Go The Shears, 
The Pub With No Beer, Waltzing Matilda, I've Been Everywhere Man, 
Along The Road To Gundagai, and The More I See You. 
Married/You'd Better Sit Down Kids 
This Girl's In Love With You 
The Happy Time 
While Liza Minnelli was married to the late Peter 
Allen, she made several trips to Australia to appear at Chequers 
Nightclub in Sydney. This DVD includes one of Liza's earliest 
performances of the song ‘Cabaret’, even before she was 
being considered for the film role. The rare TV Special includes a 
charming travelogue of Liza in Sydney, singing an medley of 
Australian songs.  
Also starring Fitch & Schwartz 
Black & White 

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx) 
* Excellent picture quality taken from the original master tape 

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