Help, I'm a Teenage outlaw DVD - Series One & Two

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The year is 1643, a time of civil war in England and Wales.
When twelve-year-old Tom York inherits the family business, he discovers that his mother was the wild and daring highwayman Swiftnick - a title which now passes to Tom. But the last thing Tom needs is a dangerous and poorly paid after school job. Having said that, he does look kind of cool in his outlaw mask...
Tom loves the fame and glory that comes with the title Swiftnick. Seeing his pictures on wanted posters is quite a kick. If only it weren't from the dangerous highway stuff, this would be the perfect job for him. Tom's vanity is coupled with an overblown sense of his ability as a highwayman: his vanity and over confidence regularly land him and his gang in trouble. If things get a little to dangerous, Tom isn't above taking a non confrontational approach to hold-ups; he's quite prepared to lie, cheat, charm, trick, scam and beg. And if those ploys don't work he can run fast too!(1)
The Swifnick Gang (Tom, Moses and Deedee) will face different problems and will have to solve them in the most bizarre ways. They will set out their adventures together...defeating Sir John and robbing coaches

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