GamesMaster DVD Series 1-7 - Games Master

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GamesMaster began when Jane Hewland, formerly of LWT, who had set up her own production company Hewland International, took an interest in her son's love of video games. She put together a pitch for a show that would translate the excitement of games playing into watchable television.  it had been pitched as a competitive event programme, the show was always under the jurisdiction of the "sports" department amongst shows such as Football Italia, horse racing and Kabaddi.

Series 1 : 10 Episodes (complete) - 1 Disc 
Series 2 : 26 Episodes (complete - 3 Discs 
Series 3 : 26 Episodes (complete) - 3 Discs 
Series 4 : 18 Episodes + Gore Special (complete) - 2 Discs 
Series 5 : 18 Episodes + Best Bits Compilations (complete) - 2 Discs 
Series 6 : 18 Episodes + Bonfire Night Special + Trailers (complete) - 2 Discs 
Series 7 : 10 Episodes (complete) - 1 Disc 
Gamemaster was never commercially released on DVD...
These are recorded then transfered onto DVD, depending on the series.   There not DVD quality but of a good standard.  Quality varys per series. 

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