Crossroads DVD - (1981 to 1985 - 1986 to 1988 plus more) - Hotel Fire - Gabrielle Drake

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These episodes commence in November 1981 just after the Motel fire and go through to mid 1985 covering the arrival of new Motel manageress Nicola Freeman as played by the delightful Gabrielle Drake. She and Jill Chance have different ways of thinking on how the motel should be run and there is going to be conflict between them. Then April to November 1986 and November 1987 to final  episodes in 1988.  Plus 35 episodes from 2001 covering the return of Jill and Adam to the new Hotel. And interviews with Ronald Allen, Sue LLoyd, Sue Hanson, Paul Henry, Noele Gordon plus a documentary on the final days of Crossroads.  

Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Good quality 7 / 10 - Excellent production - rare series 

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