Donald Campbell DVD Across The Lake DVD Box Set (1988) - Anthony Hopkins

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Disc One:-  Donald Campbell - Across The Lake 

Staring Anthony Hopkins as Donald Campbell this 1988 film based on real life events in 1967 when Campbell broke the 300 mph water speed barrier in his beloved Bluebird K7.

Cast: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Phyllis Calvert, Rosemary Leach

Director: Tony Maylam

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Teleplay: Roger Milner

Disc Two:-  Donald Campbell - Muloorina by BP

Donalds 1963 attempt in australia with the bluebird car. Based  around the sheep shearing station that housed campbell and his team, Not many people knew this footage existed, it lasts 25 mins and is in colour. Donald fell out with bp over this footage due to royalties & also it was cleverly called muloorina by bp and was about a sheep station not bluebird. A crafty act from bp. still an excellent and rare piece of footage with great rare shots.

Disc Three:- Donald Campbell - Speed King

A documentary which chronicles the story of Donald Campbell and his struggle to become the fastest man on land and water. Also an interview with Richard Noble the current world land speed record holder.

Disc Four:- One Second from Eternity -  History of the Land Speed Record

Shows the dreams & planning that go into a record attempt & the drama as each impossible speed barrier falls, 100mph, 200mph, 400mph, 500mph & 600 mph! included are the tragic stories of thoses unlucky men who died in their attempsto break the existing record. One set from eternity features on forth stories of lsr holders Craig Breedlove, sir malcolm campbell, Art Arfons, Gary Gabelich, Capt George Eyston. The film looks toward the new developments of the future & covers new projects planned for record attempts: the planned american cars show in models & photographs petential record holders of the future



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