Macbeth DVD - By William Shakespeare - 1970 Michael Jayston Barbara Leigh Hunt

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A rather good, if obsessively traditional, production with very few textual omissions. The special effects are primitive, but then this was made in 1970, but the two leads - particularly Jayston - make this a very good television MACBETH, certainly better than the BBC 1983 version and the two recent films of stage prductions. If you're looking for acting, rather than spectacle, then you should like this. 
This is the 120-minute omnibus version (of the original serial, made for schools television, which was orioginally shown in five 25-mminute episodes. 
Directed by 
Charles Warren 
Michael Jayston ... Macbeth 
Brian Badcoe ... Lennox 
Tim Hardy ... Ross 
Barbara Leigh-Hunt ... Lady Macbeth 
Ralph Nossek ... Banquo 
Gary Watson ... Macduff 
Roy Herrick ... Servant 
David Weston ... Malcolm 
Shirley Cooklin ... First witch / Gentlewoman 
Roy Barraclough ... Caithness 
Brian Godfrey ... Donalbain 
Patricia Leventon ... Second witch 
Martin Matthews ... Old man / Siward's son 
Frederick Pyne ... Lord 
Colin Rix ... First murderer 
Lewis Teasdale ... Second murderer 
Harry Burgess Wall ... Fleance 
Rosalie Westwater ... Third witch 
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