Macbeth DVD - By William Shakespeare - 1998 Sean Pertwee, Greta Scacchi, Bogdanov

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A TV schools version of the play by William Shakespeare, filmed in the studio and on location with an impressive cast. This production is influenced by Michael Bogdanov’s experimental workshop in Birmingham where he explored the impact of Shakespeare on working-class people. Bogdanov uses urban buildings, and junkyards to give a post-apocalyptic feel. 

Originally broadcast in five episodes in the `Middle English' series. This DVD features both the original 5-part serial AND ALSO the 80-minute compilation. Both are subtly different edits, each featuring material not found in the other. 

Directed by 
Michael Bogdanov 

Sean Pertwee ... Macbeth 
Greta Scacchi ... Lady Macbeth 
Lorren Bent ... Witch 2 
Denise Black ... Witch 
Richard Coyle ... Loon 
Lorcan Cranitch ... Macduff 
Jack Davenport ... Malcolm 
Ruth Gemmell ... Lady Macduff 
Jane Gurnett ... Gentlewoman 
Lesley Joseph ... Witch 
Dorian Lough ... Seyton 
Philip Madoc ... Duncan 
Michael Maloney ... Banquo 
Shane Richie ... Porter 
Peter Theiss ... First Murderer 
Dorian Thomas ... Ross 
Steve Toussaint ... Lennox 

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