The Hello Girls DVD (1996) Series 1 & 2 - Letitia Dean

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The series was set around a telephone exchange in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the title of the show being borrowed from the nickname that women who worked at exchanges were given. The first series was set in 1959 and the second one in 1961. 

The Hello Girls was launched with much promotion aimed around former EastEnders actress Letitia Dean, who played Chris Cross, one of the 'girls' who worked at the telephone exchange. It performed very well in the ratings for both of its series. 

The series' theme tune was in the style of 1950s music, which also can be heard throughout the episodes. 

Stephanie Turner – Miss Armitage 
Letitia Dean – Chris Cross 
Samantha Seager - Val Latimer 
Mark Aiken - Dave Curtis 
John Kirk - Lance Corporal Perks 
Andrew Forbes - Len 

Alan Westaway - Ricky Rock 
Kelle Spry - Belinda 
Martin O'Brien - Johnny 
Mark Spalding - Ryan, The Cleaner 
Colin Wells - Dick Mandeville 
Mark Whiteley - Larry Lomas 

Series One 
1: The First Day 
2: The Saturday Shift 
3: The Teletones 
4: Listening In 
5: Baslow 212 
6: The Occasion Cake 
7: The Emergency Call 
8: Miss GPO Personality 1959 

Series Two 
1: Work To Rule 
2: No Score Draw 
3: Down Under 
4: The Secret Admirer 
5: Fever 
6: Cupid's Arrow 
7: The Perfect Joy 
8: Walking Back To Happiness 

Format: dvdr 
Encoded: PAL or NTSC - region free - will play in any dvd player 
Sourced: Tv 
Region: Free 
Country: UK 
Language: English 
Runtime: 16 x 30mins 
Air Date: 1996/98 
Filming Locations: England 
Supplied Full Case Artwork Incl

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