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The five Catholic youths in this grim story live in Northern Ireland, surrounded as they are by the armed-camp mentality of their adults. They steal a car for a bit of fun, and when they get back, the local IRA chapter sets out to teach them civic responsibility, IRA-style, by breaking one of gang's fingers. They aren't particularly impressed with this lesson and decide that it's the IRA that needs some lessons. This leads to an ever-increasing scale of confrontations between the reckless youths and various authorities and would-be authorities, leavened only by the youngsters' grim, graveyard humor


Marc O'Shea Sean
Bronagh Gallagher Frances
Michael Liebmann Marley
Lorcan Cranitch Father Tom
Frank Grimes Mr Hagan
Ian McElhinney Reggie Devine
Michael Gregory Hugh
Emma Moylan Mary
Marie Jones Sarah
Catherine Brennan Rosaleen
Stella McCusker Mrs Hagan
James Greene (II) Father Peter


Please note this film was filmed using magnetic tape, as it was banned on its release the film was never mass produced and it missed the dvd revolution in 1995 so was never remastered , as such it is NOT DVD/HD quality the quality is that of v.h.s, but that does not take away the fact that this is likely to be one of the best films of its kind you will ever see. A true to life, of historical value mivue, quite violent with a touch of humour, fast cars, you will NOT be dissapointed.

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