The Quest Trilogy DVD (2002) - David Jason

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Three London lads are off to sow those wild oats, but find themselves overwhelmed by the weaker sex. Told in flashback full of nostalgia, Dave, Ronno and Charlie are outmatched and outwitted left and right, by their own actions as well as not-easily intimidated females.

This program was hilarious from the get-go, with a 4 pound a week rented caravan, a forgotten tin opener, a fold out bed that wouldn't work, a dropped cigarette, morning whizzes.
The usage of songs in this program was also well done, with the guys singing 'Run, Rabbit, Run' when they are trying to purchase condoms (they call them 'johnnies', this scene was also hilarious), 'Magic Moment' when they are riding on the bikes (sounds like Perry Como singing) and especially 'Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me' with Murray and her two friends

All-region DVDs are transfered from VHS.   Never commerically released.

David Jason ... Dave 
Hywel Bennett ... Ronno 
Roy Hudd ... Charlie 
Greg Faulkner ... Young Dave 
Jim Sturgess ... Young Charlie 
Max Wrottesley ... Young Ronno 

Parents Guide:12 
Runtime: 72 minutes x 3 = 216 minutes.
Format:NTSC on DVD-R
Region:multi-region '0'(free) so will play Worldwide. 

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