The Odyssey DVD (1992) Ryan Reynolds

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The Odyssey was originally broadcast on CBC Television between 1992 and 1995. There are three seasons with 13 episodes each. It starred Illya Woloshyn as Jay Ziegler, Ashleigh Aston Moore as Donna/Alpha (credited as Ashley Rogers), Tony Sampson as Keith/Flash, Andrea Nemeth as Medea/Sierra Jones, Mark Hildreth as Finger, Ryan Reynolds as Macro (in his first major role), Janet Hodgkin son as Val Ziegler, and Devon Sawa as Yudo. 

01 S1A 

101 The Fall 
102 No Fair 
103 Out of the Woods 
104 By the Book 

02 S1B 
105 Checkpoint Eagle 
106 The Believers 
107 A Place Called Nowhere 
108 Wanted 
109 Galileo & the Gypsies 

03 S1C 
110 In the Dark 
111 The Brad Exchange 
112 Welcome to the Tower 
113 The One Called Brad 

04 S2A 
201 Lands End 
202 To the Lighthouse 
203 Someplace Like Home 
204 Whispers Like Thunder 

05 S2B 
205 Hall of Darkness 
206 The Prophecy 
207 The Greatest Show on Earth 
208 But Where is Here? 
209 The Big Picture 

06 S2C 
210 Tick Tock 
211 Run for Your Life 
212 Who Do You Believe? 
213 You Decide 

07 S3A 
301 No Way Out 
302 Dart to the Heart 
303 Learning Curve 
304 Night Life 

08 S3B 
305 Cry Justice 
306 King for a Day 
307 The Cauldron 
308 Styx and Stones 
309 Tug of War 

09 S3C 
310 Tangled Web 
311 No Holds Barred 
312 The Plague 
313 Time Bomb 

* uncut 
* no commercials 
* simple menus 
* all credits 
* TDK dvd-r , plain sleeves 
* NTSC /region 0

Series is complete and uncut on nine dvds. Video and audio quality are both good. 

Screencaps used to illustrate this listing are taken directly from this set with no additional enhancement. 

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