The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle DVD - (1977)

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Workers at a small mining community battle to rescue trapped miners following an explosion on Christmas Eve.

Inspired by true events, the plot takes place in 1951 and revolves around Mr. Caulfield, the owner of a coal mine. During Christmas, there are several explosions. His employees worry about their health and decide to strike, without any luck. One of the miners, Johnny, is determined to improve the working conditions and wants the other miners to have a great holiday. However, this goes terribly wrong when they are trapped underground following an explosion. Their family are desperate to save them, worrying there might be an even bigger and deadlier explosion.

Kurt Russell 
Mitch Ryan 
Andrew Prine 
John Carradine 
Barbara Babcock 
Don Porter 
Karen Lamm 
Melissa Gilbert
Bill McKinney 
Shelby Leverington 
Rossie Harris 
Stephan Early 
Jim McKrel

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