The Amazing Dobermans DVD - Fred Astaire

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A circus goes to the dogs (or, more accurately, the dogs come to the circus) in this light-hearted action-adventure tale. Lucky Vincent (James Franciscus) is a gambler who, after a stretch of bad luck, owes over $12,000 to mobster Solly Kramer (Jack Carter). Lucky is rescued from Solly's goons by Daniel Hughes (Fred Astaire), a born-again Christian with a team of trained Doberman pinschers. After going undercover at a circus, Lucky persuades Hughes to work up an act with his dogs and join the carnival; when Lucky discovers that Solly and his gang intend to rob an armored car hauling the circus's box office take, Hughes and his canine friends step forward to help thwart the plot. Along the way, Lucky also finds time to make romance with a beautiful circus performer named Justine Pirot (Barbara Eden). The Amazing Dobermans was the second in-name-only sequel to The Doberman Gang, which shared the same director and talented four-footed performers, but none of the same plot points or characters.

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