Supermarket Sweep DVD - Dale Winton - (1993-2001)

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Supermarket Sweep  Dale Winton - (1993-2001)

Variery of episodes from first series in 1993 to 2001. DVD set includes 4 DVDS and Includes all star celebrity series

Supermarket Sweep is a British game show that is based on the original American version. Originally hosted by Dale Winton, it ran for exactly 8 years from 6 September 1993 to 6 September 2001 and then revived from 12 February to 31 

The game consists of three teams of two, each with a clock that starts with 60 seconds on it. The teams then attempt to add as much time as possible to their clock by answering questions and riddles posed by the host. The time they accumulate determines how long they have in the 'Big Sweep' round to run around a studio mock-up of a supermarket, collecting shopping items. The team with the shopping trolley filled with items of the most value wins the chance to enter the final 'Super Sweep' prize round. Within the game there were a number of rounds. 

Never commerically released, transfered from VHS/tv recording to DVD

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