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516 half-hour episodes from September 15, 1964 to June 2, 1969.

The program was broadcast in black-and-white from 1964 to 1966 and in color from 1966 to 1969.

To date it is the only primetime series ever to run episodes continuously without reruns.

It is known as the springing-board for such now famous performers as Ryan ONeal, Mia Farrow, and David Canary. Special Guest stars: Ryan ONeal Mia Farrow Bette Davis David Canary just to name a few!

Includes episode list for each disc!

The original primetime soap took place in the title town, which was founded by the Peyton family, whose members included the Harringtons. Some of the plots involved Rodney Harrington, the oldest son, choosing between bad girl Betty Anderson or fragile Allison MacKenzie. His brother Norman took up with working class Rita Jacks. Allison's mother Connie was keeping a secret about her daughter's birth. People married and divorced, loved and lost. Murder, illicit passion, insanity, and secrets were the staples of Peyton Place. Starring Ed Nelson, Barbara Parkins, Warner Anderson, Ryan O'Neal, Dorothy Malone, Tim O'Connor and Mia Farrow.

Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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