My Speed King Book - Tonia Bern-Campbell Life with Donald Campbell

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Donald Campbell - My life with a hero by Tonia Bern - Campbell Book 

TONIA BERN-CAMPBELL was born in Belgium and studied acting at the Conservatoire Royale in Brussels. In a dazzling acting and singing career she has gone on to headline at such prestigious venues as New York's Carnegie Hall, the London Savoy, and in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. She now pursues her career in America lives in Southern California.

Product Details:
Category: Books
ISBN: 0750929316
Title: My Speed King: Life with Donald Campbell 
Author: Tonia Bern-Campbell
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Year Published: 2002
Number of Pages: 256
Book Binding: Hardback
Prizes: N/A
Book Condition: GOOD
SKU: GOR001776198
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