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Mr Whoppit Merrythought bear in great condtion with box / bear number 

Only 5000 were produced, this is a very rare bear which is going up in value every year


Mr Whoppit was the teddy bear mascot of Donald Campbell, the land and water speed record holder. Writing in his 2011 book, Donald Campbell: The Man Behind The Mask, journalist David Tremayne described Whoppit as Campbell's "magic talisman".[1]

As was his father Sir Malcolm Campbell, Donald Campbell was highly superstitious.[2][3] Both consulted spiritualist mediums and fortune tellers, Donald also placed his faith in a lucky mascot, Mr Whoppit. He refused to drive unless Whoppit was with him.[2] One of his wife Tonia's tasks was to hand Whoppit to him on entering the cockpit.[4][5][6] Whoppit was noted in 2003 by reporter Frank Bennett as being part of the "threesome" arriving for the 1964 record run – the others being Campbell himself, and his wife. Bennett remarked that the mascot was in the cockpit each time, along with other memorabilia.[7]

Whoppit was with Campbell during his serious crash during a land-speed record attempt at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1960, driving the Proteus Bluebird.

Campbell died as a result of a crash while driving his jet hydroplane Bluebird K7 in a record attempt on Coniston in 1967. His body was not recovered, although Mr Whoppit floated free and was found almost immediately by Leo Villa.[8] Campbell's body was finally located and recovered in 2001.

Campbell also named one of his dogs 'Whoppit'.[4] Another teddy bear mascot was found as a 'wife' for Whoppit, named 'Mrs Whacko',[6] who did not ride with Whoppit but stayed with Tonia and the pit crew.

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