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A rollicking adaptation of Kingsley Amis's first novel, Lucky Jim stars Stephen Tompkinson as Jim Dixon, a luckless lecturer at a provincial British university, trying to make a splash with his pompous boss, Professor Neddy Welch. Jim is also trying to make it with the woman of his dreams, Christine Callaghan, while simultaneously being pursued by the woman of his nightmares, fellow lecturer Margaret Peel. 

One (of many) complications is that Christine is the girlfriend of Professor Welch's egotistical artist son, Bertrand. Another is that Margaret keeps attempting suicide to get Jim's attention. But despite his misadventures, Jim keeps his eyes on the prize: a leg up on the ladder to a professorship in medieval history. 

Published in 1954, Lucky Jim had something never before seen in fiction: a working-class hero, well educated but unabashedly middlebrow. Amis's innovation came as a breath of fresh air to a literary scene subdued by philosophical protagonists and alienated artists. This satiric and farcical story leads merrily through scenes of virtuoso comic catastrophe. 

Directed by 
Robin Shepperd (as Robin Sheppard) 

Written by 
Kingsley Amis novel 
Jack Rosenthal adaptation 

Stephen Tompkinson ... Jim Dixon 
Robert Hardy ... Professor Neddy Welch 
David Ryall ... Stanley 
Helen McCrory ... Margaret Peel 
Anthony Calf ... Cecil Goldsmith 
Hugh Parker ... Alfred Beesley 
Robert Wilfort ... Evan Johns 
Tim Wylton ... Mr. Wilson 
Ursula Jones ... Mrs. Cutler 
Penelope Wilton ... Celia Welch 
Stephen Mangan ... Bertrand Welch 
Keeley Hawes ... Christine Callaghan 
Hermione Norris ... Carol Goldsmith 
Anthony Smee ... Mr. Pringle 
Denis Lawson ... Julius Gore-Urqhart 
Ian Lindsay ... Bus Conductor 
Dorian Lough ... Taxi Driver 
Rick Warden ... Mr. Catchpole 

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