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A fun, and long unavailable, four-part serial based on the book by Terry Pratchett. 

If you start seeing dead people, you may have a problem... After they hear their cemetery is going to be sold as a building site, Johnny certainly has. Especially since the dead want him to stop it. And the dead are getting restless. They are not going to take this lying down; especially since it's almost Halloween... What are cemeteries for anyway? What can anyone do about anything? Will Johnny be able to stop the juggernaut of Policy and Commerce (and be in bed by ten)? 
Dramatised by 
Gerald Fox and Lindsey Jenkins, from the novel by Terry Pratchett    

Geoffrey Whitehead .    Fletcher 
George Baker    ...    Alderman 
Brian Blessed    ...    Stickers 
Ray Lonnen    ...    James Bowler 
Jotham Annan    ...    Yo-Less 
Paul Child    ...    BigMac 
Frank Ellis    ...    Sgt. Comely 
Roy Evans    ...    Boatman 
John Grillo    ...    Mr. Antonio Vicenti 
Shend ...    2nd. Thug 
Charlie Watts    ...    Wobbler 
Joseph Watts    ...    Wobbler 
Tony Westrope    ...    1st. Thug 
Andrew Falvey    ...    Johnny Maxwell 
Jane Lapotaire    ...    Mrs. Sylvia Liberty 
Neil Morphew    ...    Stanley 'Wrong Way' Roundway 

This all-region DVD come's complete with DVD case and full artwork.

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