Fear Of Fanny Cradock DVD (2006)

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In the black and white days of post-war British television, Fanny Cradock, with her painted-on eyebrows and excessive make-up, is a colourful figure in every sense, even dyeing the food to make it show up on monochrome sets. But she is also something of a tyrant, disowning her son Chris because she disapproves of his wife, so that even her long-suffering husband and co-presenter Johnnie is powerless to intervene. Fanny's comeuppance comes about when she belittles a competition winner over her choice of menu in a television reality show. Audience disgust at Fanny's over-bearing treatment of Devon housewife Gwen provokes such a backlash that the television company sacks her. After Johnnie's death, she ends up as a resident, still trying to order the cooking, in a retirement home. 
Directed by 
Coky Giedroyc
Written by 
Brian Fillis 
Julia Davis ... Fanny Cradock 
Mark Gatiss ... Johnnie Cradock 
Jason Watkins ... Derek 
Steven O'Neill ... Simon 
Phil Nice ... Technician 
Jordan Long ... Gas Fitter 
Paul Chahidi ... Director 
Simon Greenall ... TV Executive 
Jim Field Smith ... Floor Manager 
Clare Wille ... TV Executive's Wife 
Nicholas Burns ... Christopher 
Claudie Blakley ... Nicky 
Hayley Atwell ... Jane 
Tom Goodman-Hill ... Dan Farson 
Nathan Shomer ... Julian 
Michael Parkhouse ... Master of Ceremonies 
Stuart Sherwin ... Alan Taylor 
Richard Syms ... Mrs. Beeton Fan 
Tom Allen ... Paul 
Abby Ford ... Wendy 
Tim Plester ... 1970's Cameraman 
Keir Charles ... TV Host 
Ella Kenion ... Gwen Troake 
James Holmes ... Nurse 

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