Ending Up DVD (1989) - John Mills

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A darkly hilarious satire of old age based on the novel by England's favorite curmudgeon, Kingsley Amis, Ending Up will keep you simultaneously laughing and gasping in horror. Tuppenny-Hapenny Cottage is home to a hodgepodge of oldsters forced to live together more out of financial consideration than mutual affection. In this bizarre household, each of the elderly resident's unique peeves, ailments, quirks, and charms compounds into a terrible, wonderful tragicomedy of what it means to be old in Britain. The residents are divided in most things; some, for example, dote on the resident dog, others loathe it. The strange entourage is made up of vivid, well-acted characters including a man struggling with his vocabulary after a stroke, a woman concerned about her increasing senility, and a practical joker who often goes too far. 
This is a refreshing look at old age without the kid gloves and an unsanctimonious sense of sarcasm. 

John Mills 
Wendy Hiller 
Michael Hordern 
Lionel Jeffries 
Googie Withers 
Roger Allam 
Dr. Mainwaring 
Robert Glenister 
Aden Gillett 
Barbara Wilshere 
Victoria Burgoyne 
Sam Preston 
Faye Carr-Jones 
Director: Peter Sasdy 
Writers: Kingsley Amis (novel) Douglas Livingstone 

Format: DVDR 
Encoded :PAL or NTSC - Region Free 
Region: Free 
Country: UK 
Language: English 
Runtime :80mins 
Air Date : 1889 
Filming Locations: Oxfordshire England 

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