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Part 1
An inside look at an industry that employs 20,000 people in London. One in seven Londoners has used their products during the past 12 months.
The business is providing Class A drugs to hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - of users every week.
For the first time on British television, drug dealers describe in detail the tricks of their trade; their profits, the risks and the reasons why they deal.

Part 2
A shocking examination of just how far crack, heroin and other drug dealing has permeated everyday life among young people on estates in Greater Manchester, creating violence and crime in its wake.
For the first time, the programme films and interviews crack and heroin dealers as they ply their trade to "punters".
It reveals a culture of "lay-ons" or drug loans to ever-younger "punters", moving into heavy drugs use from early teens.

Part 3
Ibiza has a reputation for playing host to the biggest and best clubs and DJ's in the world.
This attracts substantial economic prosperity for the island.
A quarter of a million Britons flock there each year, and with them come the drugs and British drug dealers.
This film gives a glimpse into the dark side of Ibiza, one which the authorities would rather was kept quiet.
The programme exposes an island that has become a multi-million pound "white paradise" for the many drug dealers who flock to the island to make a living during the summer months.

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