Children of The Stones DVD (1977)

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Children of the Stones was made in 1977 and is pretty scarey considering it was shown at tea time on childrens itv.It tells the story of an astrophysicist called Adam and his son Mathew who arrive in a small village in England called Milbury.On there arrival they notice the locals act very peculiar indeed.Each one seems to greet them with the words ''happy days'' in a trance like fashion.Soon they realise that the village is surrounded by ancient stones and the cause of the there strange behavior could be connected.Starring Blake's 7 Gareth Thomas and the Ambrosian Singers.This powerfull and atmospheric 7 part series is still as scarey today as it was then.

Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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