C.A.T.S Eyes DVD (1985) Complete Series 1,2,3- CATS - Jill Gascoine

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An all-female detective outfit, the "Eyes Enquiry Agency", is formed as a front for the Home Office's new security operation the Covert Activities Thames Section (or CATS for short). 
Initially led by ex-Oxford Union President Pru Standfast, she was followed by experienced ex-cop Maggie Forbes (who later led the section), computer genius Frederica "Fred" Smith and later Tessa Robinson

Their contact with the Ministry was Nigel Beaumont. The team dealt with a variety of crime from theft to blackmail, to espionage & terrorism. 

Jill Gascoine 
Leslie Ash 
Tracy-Louise Ward 
Rosalyn Landor 
Don Warrington 
Donald Churchill 
Peter Dennis 
John Pennington 
James Cosmo 
Jon Iles 
Ken Sharrock 
Richard Beale 
David Rolfe 
Alan Downer 
Gavin Richards 
Series 1 

01 Goodbye Jenny Wren 
02 The Black Magic Man 
03 The Double Dutch Deal 
04 Frightmare 
05 Love Byte 
06 Fingers 
07 With Vinegar And Brown Paper 
08 Under Plain Cover 
09 Something Nasty Down Below 
10 Cross My Palm With Silver 
11 My Father Knew Lloyd Mbotu Terence 
12 Blue For Danger 

Series 2 

01 One Away 
02 Powerline 
03 Hit List 
04 Good As New 
05 Rough Trip 
06 Passage Hawk 
07 Freezeheat 
08 Fit 
09 Honeytrap 
10 Crack-Up 
11 Tranmere Dan And Tokyo Joe 

Series 3 

01 Twelve Bar Blues 
02 Carrier Pigeon 
03 Country Weekend 
04 The Big Burn 
05 A Naval Affair 
06 Family Tradition 
07 Backlash 

Runtime: 1 x 120mins + 29 x 50mins 
Encoded:PAL or NTSC 
Supplied as Pictured 
Sound Mix:Mono 
Air Date:1985 
Filming Locations:England 
Supplied Full 6 Way Case Artwork Incl

Stephanie Turner – Miss Armitage 
Letitia Dean – Chris Cross 
Samantha Seager - Val Latimer 
Mark Aiken - Dave Curtis 
John Kirk - Lance Corporal Perks 
Andrew Forbes - Len 

Alan Westaway - Ricky Rock 
Kelle Spry - Belinda 
Martin O'Brien - Johnny 
Mark Spalding - Ryan, The Cleaner 
Colin Wells - Dick Mandeville 
Mark Whiteley - Larry Lomas 
Series One 
1: The First Day 
2: The Saturday Shift 
3: The Teletones 
4: Listening In 
5: Baslow 212 
6: The Occasion Cake 
7: The Emergency Call 
8: Miss GPO Personality 1959 

Series Two 
1: Work To Rule 
2: No Score Draw 
3: Down Under 
4: The Secret Admirer 
5: Fever 
6: Cupid's Arrow 
7: The Perfect Joy 
8: Walking Back To Happiness 

Format: dvdr 
Encoded: PAL or NTSC 
Sourced: Tv 
Region: Free 
Country: UK 
Language: English 
Runtime: 16 x 30mins 
Air Date: 1996/98 
Filming Locations: England 
Supplied Full Case Artwork Incl


Not available on commerical release, we have transfered from VHS to DVD - very good quality however If your execpting HD quality, this is not the item for you.

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