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Blood on the dole is a great film adapted from a play. It follows the progression/plight of two scouse lads on leaving school and clashing with Mr Williams the Welsh P.E. teacher, to moving out into the real world! Only its not that simple this is Liverpool, England jobs are few and far between and there's a recession etc! Also tracking down and bumping into the two girls that 'Ricky' and 'Joey' were quite partial to at school! Only shame is they don't feel the same as and one is 'seeing' Mr Williams which becomes aware towards the end. after struggling in state and illegal jobs the lads try their own roofing job, then go separate ways one setting his own Buisness up (despite having no money) the other out into the army. There then follows a moving climax which brings Joey close to the girl he loves. Blood on the dole is moving, bleak and at times funny.

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