Black Easter DVD (1995) - Trevor Eve, Amanda Ooms, Peter Stormare

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A well-remembered "Screen Two" presentation: a futuristic thriller starring Trevor Eve. 

Germany, March 2000: Detective Alex Fischer investigates the murder of a young Danish woman, whose body has been slashed from head to foot. On the ground beside her are the words in Arabic: "We are crossing". As the threat grows of a mass exodus of refugees caused by civil war in Russia, Fischer sets out on a hazardous search for the truth with refugee Anna. 

Directed by 
Ben Bolt 

Written by 
David Pirie 

Alex Fischer: Trevor Eve 
Schuster: Shaun Dingwall 
Dix: Bruce Myers 
Mann: Murray Ewan 
Heiger: John Shrapnel 
Journalist: Peter Jordan 
Anna: Amanda Ooms 
Becks chairwoman: Penelope Beaumont 
Byrd: Peter Stormare 
Nadia: Corinne Jaber 
Youssef: Josef Cervenak 
Fischer's daughter: Judita Hessova 
Video witness: Katerina Dankova 
Hart: Frank Kovaks 
Wojkiech: Rudolf Pellar 

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