Among Giants DVD (1998) - Pete Postlethwaite

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Among Giants is a 1998 British film, fresh from his success with The Full Monty. It is set in Yorkshire, and stars Pete Postlethwaite, Rachel Griffiths and James Thornton. The plot came about after Beaufoy was refused permission to make a documentary on electricity pylon painters in Pembrokeshire, and converted the idea into fiction. The script predates that of The Full Monty, but only found a producer in the wake of the earlier film's success.

The practicalities of shooting atop electricity pylons, not to mention insurance difficulties, meant that a safer mock-up pylon was made for the actors. This proved unconvincing: Postlethwaite remarked that "I don't believe we are up there, and if you don't sell that shot you don't sell the rest of the pylons," and so some material was re-shot on real pylons after training from Electricity Board climbing experts

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