A Town Like Alice DVD (1981)

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When Jean and Joe, played admirably by Helen Morse and Bryan Brown, first meet, it is in the very trying conditions of war. After a separation of several years, they are reunited only to have their love tested again by the conditions of the land around them. 

Set against the brutal chaos of World War II, a love story begins that will take two lovers through a living nightmare of captivity, across three continents and two decades. From the steamy jungles of Malaya to the dusty and desolate outback of Australia Based on Nevil Shute' international bestselling novel A TOWN LIKE ALICE follows the lives of Jean Paget and Joe Harman. Meeting in Malaya--sh an attractive young English captive and he a cheerful Australian POW tortured for a simple act of kindness. Separated first by their captors then by the distance of passing years, the two are finally reunited in the rugged outback of Australia-to face a challenge every bit as demanding as their wartime trials.

This movie was a TV mini-series based on Neville Shute's book.

Starring Helen Morse, Bryan Brown, Gordon Jackson, Dorothy Alison and Yuki Shimoda. 

2 Disc DVD set, uncut no commericials 
5 Hours mini series
Audio/Video 8 / 10

Never commercially release, transferred from VHS to DVD 

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