The Price Of Coal DVD - Series 1 + 2 (1977) Play for Today - Ken Loach Rita May, Bobby Knutt, Paul C

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The first episode, Meet the People, is a comedy-drama dealing with preparations for an official visit to the colliery by Prince Charles. The humour revolves around the expensive and ludicrous preparations required for an official visit from a member of the Royal Family. Some workers recognise this and cannot take it seriously. Management recognises it but has to 'play the game'. Special toilets must be constructed "just in case" and destroyed after the visit. A worker is instructed to paint a brick holding up a window. On the eve of the visit, the slogan "Scargill rules OK" is painted on a wall. The manager comments "When I find out who did that I'll string him up by his knackers". In another scene, an argument takes place in a pub between colliers opposed to the expenditure on the visit and who think the colliery was chosen because its union officials were relatively conservative and other colliers who are looking forward to the visit.

The second episode, Back to Reality, takes place a month later and deals with an underground explosion that kills several miners and follows the attempts to rescue others that remain trapped.

Director: Ken Loach (as Kenneth Loach)
Writer: Barry Hines
Stars: Rita May, Bobby Knutt, Paul Chappell 

Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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