Love in a Cold Climate DVD (1980)

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Love in a Cold Climate (1980)

Nancy Mitford

The first British TV adaptation of Nancy Mitford's autobiographical trilogy Love in a Cold Climate took the form of a seven-part, seven-hour miniseries in 1980. Set in the 1930s, the story concerned a group of wealthy young ladies and their various and sundry interactions with eccentric (to say the least) relatives and amorous young men. Faultlessly faithful to the source, this series explored the real-life Mitford family's unfortunate associations with Fascists in general and Adolf Hitler in particular.

3 DVD Box Set

Anthony Stewart Head 
Christopher Scoular 
Diana Fairfax
Isabelle Amyes 
John Moffatt
Judi Dench
Lucy Gutteridge
Michael Aldridge
Michael Lees 
Michael Williams 
Richard Hurndall
Rosalyn Landor
Selena Carey-Jones
Vivian Pickles 
Yolanda Vazquez

  Episode Guide
1 Child Hunt 
2 Coming Out
3 Rings and Things
4 The Merry Widower
5 Heir Apparent
6 Foreigners Are Fiends 
7 Monsieur Le Duc
8 In Love and War

Runtime:Roghly 420 min
Format:dvd tv rec
Region:Worldwide Play
Sound Mix:Mono
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