The Fishing Party DVD - Play For Today (1972)

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Peter Terson 's sharply observed comedy from 1972. 
Three Derbyshire miners escape for a weekend's fishing, with the best of intentions. "We ain't pigs. No brown aleing, no being sick over the wall - we'll show our wives we can be civilised without them." Three miners plan a blameless weekend fishing the cod. "We might be rough-and-ready miners on a fishing trip but we're staying at one of them there hotels, you know. Cliff View. Very nice it is. It's got its standards, but we can live up to them.' 
It's really a simple tale of innocents abroad, with a touch of comedy of manners. A group of Northern English miners take a fishing holiday on which little goes right, from a snobbish landlady who resents their presence in the guest house to their discovering that the sea isn't really their element. 
Directed by 
Michael Simpson
Brian Glover ... Art 
Ray Mort ... Ern 
Douglas Livingstone ... Abe 
Jane Freeman ... Audrey 
Frank Moorey ... Brian 
John Comer ... Teaman 
Deirdre Costello ... Waitress 
James Garbutt ... Fisherman 
Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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