Itch DVD - 1984 - Alexei Sayle, Richard Hope, Jonny Lee Miller

Itch DVD - 1984 - Alexei Sayle, Richard Hope, Jonny Lee Miller

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A wonderfully inventive play from the drama strand 4-PLAY. 
A lone hitch hiker, marooned near a housing estate, has a dramatic effect on the lives of those around him. 
Alexei Sayle stars as Ritblatt, a hitch hiker who only travels by this means of transportation,in his quest to reach Colchester. He is dropped off at a small roundabout in a ghost town and proceeds to make himself a crude shelter there. He keeps local residents awake with is portable radio, whilst waiting for the next lift to come his way. 
Directed by 
Beeban Kidron
Written by 
Alexei Sayle and David Stafford 
Alexei Sayle ... Rittblatt 
Michael Wardle ... 1st Sierra Driver (as Micheal Wardle) 
Malcolm Jackson ... Lorry Driver 
Christopher Fulford ... Alan Trent 
Claire Hackett ... Arlene Trent 
John Benfield ... Gordon Turnbull 
Brid Brennan ... Susan Turnbull 
Jonny Lee Miller ... Dennis Turnbull 
Katy Murphy ... Maddie 
Stratford Johns ... Clive 
Richard Hope ... Geoff 
Peter Waddington ... Mr. Jefferson 

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