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Edna, the Inebriate Woman is a British television drama written by Jeremy Sandford which was transmitted as part of the Play for Today series on 21 October 1971. 

The play deals with an elderly woman, Edna (Patricia Hayes), who wanders through life in an alcoholic haze without a home, a job or any money. A rambling, pathetic yet defiant woman, Edna sleeps rough and begs for food and shelter and the drama follows her progress as she moves from hostel to hostel, going to a psychiatric ward and then prison along the way. 

Jeremy Sandford, who had previously written Cathy Come Home, researched the play by living rough himself for two weeks. The film was the only notable acting role of British actor Vivian MacKerrell, the real-life inspiration for the character Withnail in Withnail and I. 

* Patricia Hayes as Edna 
* Barbara Jefford as Josie of 'Jesus Saves' 
* Geraldine Sherman as Trudi 
* Cheryl Hall as Vangi 
* Kate Williams as Teresa 
* Peggy Aitchison as Lil 
* Freda Dowie as Mother Superior 
* Roger Hammond as Victor 
* John Trigger as Graham 
* Walter Sparrow as Common Lodging House Proprietor 
* June Watson as Attendant (at The Spike) 
* Denis Carey as Doctor 
* Jerry Verno as Old Man (at The Spike) 
* Rex Rashley as Old Man (at The Spike) 
* Amelia Bayntun as Jessie - Tramp 
* Talfryn Thomas as Tramp 
* Charles Farrell as Tramp 
* Vivian MacKerrell as Tramp 
* Jenny Logan as Doris, on the Road 
* June Brown as Clara 
* Norman Lumsden as Magistrate

Never commercially released, transferred from VHS to DVD
Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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