Crocodile Shoes DVD Series One & Two

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Wine, beer and spirits all the time.  Though I have you, still she's always on my mind..."

Series One - Seven Episodes.

1. The Tape
Jed gets a surprise from his sister. While Adrian gets a surpise in the mail and starts making plans.

2. The Pitch
Adrian shows Jed the big city.

3. The Deal
True colours shine thru.  As Adrian gets the wheels rolling & Jed gets a make-over. Warning this episode contains nudity!!

4. The Trip
Special Appearance by: Amy Madigan  and Burt Young.
Jed goes to the US, gets in trouble, then gets a hand with his music. While Adrian gets thrown a line.

5. The Truth
Jed makes a sudden visit home and uncovers some revealing facts. But there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Warning this episode contains nudity!!

6. The Call
Special Appearance by: Amy Madigan and Burt Young. 
Never mixing business with pleasure, Jed gets a lesson from a legend. Hightailing it home he finds Adrian paying for his pleasures.

7. The End
Will Jed make it? Will Adrian break it? The finale of Crocodile Shoes


Series Two - Six  Episodes.

1. Country Boy
2. Troubled Man
3. Running Man
4. Still I Dream
5. Answered Prayers
6. Boom

Transferred from original VHS TV recordings.

PAL system format.

Rating quality 8 1/2 out of 10


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