Comedians DVD (1979) - Play For Today - Trevor Griffiths

Comedians DVD (1979) - Play For Today - Trevor Griffiths

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Comedians is a play by Trevor Griffiths, set in a Manchester evening class for aspiring working-class comedians. The cast included Jonathan Pryce as the main character, Gethin Price, with Bill Fraser as the teacher. 

A secondary school in Manchester, the mid-1970s. The attendees of a comedy evening class begin to assemble. First in is Gethin Price, followed by Irish docker George McBrain, who has given a lift to his classmate Phil Murray. Price does not join in their banter. Phil worries that Ged, the other part of his double act, has not yet turned up. Two more classmates arrive: Jewish businessman Sammy Samuels and Mick Connor, another Irishman. The classmates indulge in some banter, which is interrupted by the arrival of their teacher, the comedian Eddie Waters. As they prepare the classroom, Waters is troubled by the reappearance of Price with a skinhead haircut, and he is clearly concerned when Price informs him that he has changed his act..... 

A quality VHS DVD-R transfer, with title menu and excellent picture quality – Please see screenshots below. Region free (0). Running time is 1hr 34min.

VHS to DVD-R transfer. Good picture quality & sound 

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