Men Only DVD (1996) Complete TV Series - Stephen Moyer

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Five ageing mates play football together every Tuesday evening. They lose every game but don't care because as soon as the match is over they hit the pubs and the clubs and gradually their lives spiral downhill.
Men Only is the antithesis of the current trend for cool laddy drama. It doesn't glorify the action of the men nor does it place them in some cartoon world. What is most striking about thesemen is their apparent normality.
Writer Richard Cottan, believes this is one of the most challenging aspects of the drama, especially for women: The premise that the man women viewers are sitting next to is potentially the same as the men on the screen is a difficult one:
"Take that guy on the sofa and try to imagine him out of the room, away from his partner. Imagine him feeling frustrated and undervalued. How can that escalate with other men who feel the same way?"
Producer Jake Lushington says of the drama: "It is a world where men seem to be much more schizophrenic, sneakier, guilty, demanding lots of emotional support but also wanting the respect and power which their fathers had but has been lost to them
for a generation."

This loss of power is darkly observed in the various degrees of sexual dysfunction in the group. Jason uses sex as a power base, Jamie can't perform, Des is cowed by circumstance, Mac has a low sperm count and Dwight is almost disinterested.

Richard Cottan elaborates on this theme: "The sexual side of the men's lives informs all others; if sex is denied, if it's distorted, undervalued, it festers and has no proper outlet." Director Peter Webber was drawn to the project because he found it
the most painfully honest account of male sexuality he had ever read. "Male sexuality has some very dark corners. Also I found eachof the five men instantly recognisable as people I'd either met or knew." 

Stephen Moyer
Marc Warren
Martin Freeman
Daniel Ryan
Razaaq Adoti
Esther Hall
Jenna Russell
Kerry Godliman
Zoe Telford
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Gina Isaac
Jamie Glover
Amanda Abbington
Leah Fitzgerald
Encoded:PAL or NTSC
Language: English
Runtime: 2hrs 23m
Air Date: 2001
Filming Locations England
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